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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ever have one of those weekends that went so well, you want another day or so to make it last longer? I had one this weekend and I even had the couple of extra days to make it better!

I took the train into Chicago on Saturday AM and C met me at the station. We went to try for Wicked tickets (no luck) and then went back to his place for awhile. He made dinner and we rented Penelope (starring my celebrity husband, James McAvoy!), which he'd never seen before. That evening we went back to Borders to try for Wicked tickets again, but still no luck. We wandered around Millennium Park and the Mile before heading back to his place. We watched Cirque du Soleil's Midnight Sun and then we started Sweeney Todd, but I fell asleep about an hour into it.

The next morning we met M for breakfast at Tweet and then we showed her some of the Disney pics back at his apartment. I took a nap after that and we had a little dinner before heading off to the Madonna concert. **swoon** I don't think this show was as over-the-top as her last two, but I could tell that she was definitely having more fun with this show. It was refreshing!

Monday AM, C's friend L took me to breakfast while C was at class, and afterwards we hopped on the train back to Lansing. B came with us to dinner that night, and we stopped and picked up the new Tinker Bell movie for C at midnight.

Yesterday I came into work and my mom picked C up at my place to run some errands and take him out to lunch, and then she dropped him off at the Office so we could take off right away for the Janet concert. Another great show! Not quite as good as Madonna, in my book, but I'd definitely go back to see her if she ever goes on tour again.

After the concert, we drove back to my place so I could shower right quick and change my clothes, and then we jumped back in the car and drove the 2+ hours to Michigan City, IN so he could catch the commuter train back home and be there in time for class. I turned right around and drove back to the Office.

So all in all, I've now basically been going for 48 hours with only about 5 hours sleep during all that. And I still need to paint the apartment tonight.

And I wouldn't do any of it differently! This has been a fantastic weekend.

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