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Friday, October 31, 2008

New Postcrossing!

After almost giving up on postcrossing, I received 2 postcards in the last 3 days!

The first I received was of Glacier National Park from Mike in Montana. He wrote:
Dear David, Hello from Montana. This card shows St. Mary's Lake in Glacier National Park. This is one of the more easily accessible areas of the park, although many of the best scenes in the park are "hidden gems" which are off the beaten path. I hope you like the card!

My second postcard was of the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, and came from Louise in Cleveland. She writes:
Dear David, Hello almost-neighbor! I'm a Cleveland native, life-long. The Botanical Garden is a wonderful place to visit. You should see it, if you're ever here!
So, it would seem that I am going to keep on with postcrossing for just a little bit longer. I love the idea of sending postcards out and receiving new ones in the mail, and never knowing where they are coming from. It makes checking the mail a lot more fun too!

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