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Saturday, October 11, 2008

**le sigh** Sarah McLachlan is amazing!

M and I just got done seeing Sarah McLachlan at MixFest in Boston. She was performing with Matt Nathanson, Finger 11, Jordin Sparks and Bryan Adams. We got there a little late and missed Matt Nathanson, but really enjoyed Finger 11 and Jordin Sparks. Then Sarah McLachlan came on the stage. OMG. She is simply amazing. She had mo backup band; it was just her and a piano. She played Building a Mystery, Adia, Angel, Possession (swoon!!), U Want Me 2, the other new song from her best of album, and then sang Ice Cream with a guy who won a contest to sing with her. God, it was a good show! (We skipped Bryan Adams).

We're now in the car on the way back to Portland. More about the trip later!

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