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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chicago = FANTASTIC!

S---- and I had a grand time in Chicago!

We were able to get in everything that we really wanted to do; the only thing that we missed out on that we thought we would do was the Field Museum. We decided to spend the time just wandering around some more instead. Besides, it gives us a reason to dash back some other time!

We arrived on time Saturday, and checked into our hotel and immediately took off for the Shedd Aquarium. C--- was going to pick up tickets for us, but wasn't able to make it over there, and then couldn't find his wallet, so S---- and I went to the Shedd by ourselves. We decided to walk and take in the city on the way over to the Shedd. It took us about 1 1/2 hours, but we had a good time looking at everything. S---- had never seen the Bean before, so we swung through Millennium Park so she could check that out, too.

At the Shedd, we got to see the Wild Reef exhibit, and we also got to see the big lizard exhibit with the Komodo dragon. Then we grabbed a little bite to eat and watched the dolphin demonstration.

After the Shedd, we took a cab back to the hotel, changed into some warmer clothes as it was unseasonably cool and took off for the Mile. C--- met us and we went over to the Rainforest Café for dinner, and then back to the Ghirardelli Soda Shop for sundaes.

Sunday, we took a leisurely morning to get ready for the day, and went to our favorite Italian restaurant for lunch, and then we were off to see Wicked!

Wicked was, in a word, breathtaking. I don't know that S---- enjoyed it quite as much as I did. I was entranced by the entire show. I really can't wait for July to get here now so that I can see it again. Defying Gravity and Because I Knew You both made me cry. Wow.

After Wicked, we went over to Macy's so that S---- could finally see Candyland. We had the most fun there shopping for chocolate than we've ever had anywhere else. The gal who helped us, Val, was amazingly fun and we ended up just having a blast. She told us that she'd never met anyone in all the time that she had worked there like us, and told us that we were true "chocolate connoisseurs". She even told us we needed to contact Food Network and tell them that they need to hire us! That got us to thinking about doing a book about chocolate. That is for another post, another time.

After Candyland, we went back to the hotel and changed and then wandered back to the Italian restaurant for dinner, which was a fabulous idea!! We had the entire outdoor eating area to ourselves, and our waitress was a lot of fun, and gave us some great suggestions for dinner. We had prosciutto wrapped shrimp for appetizers, and then I ordered penni with a spicy meat sauce and S---- ordered cheese filled ravioli with a light red cream sauce. We each had a glass of red wine by the waitress' suggestion, and then for dessert she recommended the raspberry covered cheesecake, which was heavenly. All around, a marvelous dinner. After that, we went over to Millennium Park again and just had a relaxing walk through the park.

Monday morning we got up and decided to skip the Field, and instead found the Vosges Haut•Chocolat and bought some chocolates and finally got to try their Aztec Elixir. I instantly fell in love with the Elixir. S---- wasn't as fond of it, so she only drank half of hers and gave me the rest. Then we went over to Moonstruck and bought more chocolate... S---- took the entire book writing endeavor to heart!

We checked out of the hotel and took a cab to the train station, rented some lockers to store our luggage, and then took off to wander around the area. We ended up going to the top of the Sears Tower, which I had never done before. That was impressive! You could see for miles!

We got back to the train station in just enough time to get our luggage out of storage and jump on the train to head back to Lansing. We had a small delay on the tracks and were 1/2 hour late getting back into town, but otherwise it was an uneventful trip home.

Loverly times!

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