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Friday, May 11, 2007

Can "Political-Correctness" Be Any More Ridiculous?

Sometimes, I think am embarrassed to be an American. The lengths that people will go to for "political-correctness" is amazing to me sometimes, and in my eyes, even reaches into the realm of the absurd.

Case in point this link, where people are already attacking Disney's new film, The Princess and the Frog. The article deals with the damage control that Disney is having to run on a film that isn't due to be released for another 2 years. They are having to deal with everything from supposed degradation of African Americans to slavery to insulting the French. Unbelievable to me. I can see people getting upset after they see the film and there are insulting/degrading aspects to it then, but to attack a film almost from the moment that it was announced because they feel offended by something that could very well change (and has, as a result) just boggles my mind.

And before anyone is insulted/degraded by any of this post, just remember, this is my opinion and just like you, I am entitled to think what I want.

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John Left said...

Very true---"political correctness" has gotten totallyout of hand. I support the notions of equality and barring gratuitous insults (a la Don Imus). But setting the PC watchdogs on an unreleased kids' cartoon is extreme.

Much like the Chicago Bears' recent draft pick, Greg Olsen, who was roundly criticized for recording a rap parody that was deemed anti-female. It was over 3 years ago when he was in college, and he was about 18 at the time. Wrong, for sure. But what has that got to do with him playing pro football today?