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Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Importance of Family

Friday and Saturday, M--- and I went to OH to visit our Aunt S--, and I had forgotten how much I missed those connections with the rest of my family. We arrived around 1:30 on Friday, and immediately fell into the familiar routines; waiting for D--- to get home to watch the kids, we sat right down at the dining room table to play a round of cards, and just caught up with what has been going on in all of our lives. We then went to dinner at Bonefish Grille and then wandered around the little shopping center killing time, then back to Aunt S--'s place, where we sat up until almost midnight, talking and laughing so hard, my sides hurt. It was beautiful.

Saturday morning, M---- and I expected to dash off fairly early in the day, but B--- came downstairs and we started talking with her. B--- and I were trying to remember the last time that we had seen each other, and to be honest, neither of us had any clue the last time we saw each other face to face. Before we knew it, it was noon and we really needed to leave for lunch so that M---- and I could be on the road. The 3 of us went to Cracker Barrel and sat there for another 3 hours talking.

It came to me last night how much I miss the rest of my family. The only direct physical connection I have with my family regularly is with my mother, and while that isn't necessarily a bad thing, I do find myself wanting to be able to sit and talk with my other family members. B--- made a very good point the other night. He said we are born to the parents we have in order to get the family that comes with them. I really believe that now. Thinking back on it all, if it hadn't been for Aunt S-- during those years dealing with the Evil Stepmother, I probably wouldn't be here today. The Evil Stepmother made life so unbearable, there are times that I don't think I would have made it through it all if it weren't for Aunt S-- and Dearie. And today, I find myself trying to look at life through the eyes of my Aunt B----- and find the everday joy that is always there if you just wait for it, and learning the joys of travelling through the eyes of my Aunt J---. My Uncle T-- continues to nurture learning in both my sister and I on a regular basis. In so many ways, while my parents are both wonderful people and I owe them both the world, my aunts and uncle have completely enriched all other aspects of my life.

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