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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

8 I 2014

Look! It warmed up!! We're in double digits now!!! Even the exclamation points are excited!!!!

So, yeah, that was the highlight earlier today. With the way things have been going, I wasn't sure if we'd see anything above 0 ever again!

Had a good workout with Joey tonight, all shoulders and biceps. I'm sure I'll be sore on Friday.

Went out to dinner with Crystal, Bill, and Carol since we haven't seen each other since September? October? No matter what, it had been too long. They had each brought little gifts for us, and since I never got a chance to get out to get them something before the holidays, I had the waitress give me the bill so I could treat them all out to dinner. We just went over to Cheddar's, nothing fancy, but it was a grand night visiting with them. I got home entirely too late, had 2 Cokes at dinner, so am totally wired now and can't sleep. It's going on midnight, and at some point I'm hoping to crash, so I should probably sign off of the computer and try to call it a night.


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