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Monday, January 6, 2014

6 I 2014

Yes, that's right, it's another blustery day in sunny Michigan! In fact, this morning when I went to leave for work, it was a balmy 9*. 

We got so much snow overnight that my measly attempt at shoveling yesterday had no impact on the condition of my driveway this morning whatsoever, and I got stuck trying to back out onto my road. After that adventure, which took an hour of shoveling/salting around my car to dislodge it, I immediately got stuck again trying to pull out onto Waverly, as all the snow they plowed last night was across our road. Needless to say, I gave Mother Nature a piece of my mind on the drive to work. 

Which I probably should not have done (the going to work bit - Mother Nature just sniggered at me with several whiteout inducing gusts of wind to remind me who's boss). The roads were "plowed" but there was so much wind, they had already started to drift over. Salting will do no good, as it's too cold to have any affect. Needless to say, after reading the umpteenth report on Facebook about how bad the roads were, I decided I needed to leave work early to get home safe. Which I did, but it wasn't a fun drive home. 

I cleared a little more of the driveway to give me a little wiggle room, and then cleared one shovels width of sidewalk and called it good. The authorities were telling people to stay indoors as the cold is so extreme, and I can attest that they're absolutely right!

I decided to be thoroughly productive with my early afternoon by taking a nap. The rest of the day hasn't been much better. I'm signing off for the night and am going to read a bit more of Winter's Tale now. 

Stay warm!

Stoopid polar vortex...

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