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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Chicago, here we come!

Ah, Chicago... you can't get here fast enough.

S---- and I discussed options for Chicago last night, and amidst all the turmoil that she has been going through, I think that this will be a refreshing get-away from the real world for a couple of days.

The plan, thus far, is as follows:

Catch the train to Chicago at 7:45am and arrive 11:15am(ish). Grab a cab over to the hotel, drop off our luggage, get some chocolate and a little nibble to eat and then off to the Shedd Aquarium. Leave the Shedd sometime by 6:00pm (when they close) and head off for the Mile to do some much needed therapy shopping, while having a delightful dinner at the Rainforest Café. Stumble into bed at some point after the frivolity of the Mile.

Have a light breakfast at the hotel, and prepare for the day. Lunch at the quaint little Italian restaurant that we like so much by the Hotel 71, then off to S----'s first experience in Candyland. Quick trip back to the hotel for a change, then off to see Wicked! After the show, wander around Millennium Park, and the surrounding area, and see where the night takes us.

Get up early, have some breakfast and then catch a cab over to spend a couple of hours at the Field Museum. After the Field, check out of the hotel, and catch another cab back to the train station. Store our luggage at the train station, and wander over to the Sears Tower and look around the area by the train station. Be back at the train station by 2:30(ish) to catch the our returning train at 3:00pm and arrive back in East Lansing at 8:15(ish).

Hopefully, all of these plans will fall into place. On paper, it sounds like we will be on the go, and in all actuality we probably will be, but I think once we're there and on our way, everything will fall into place and will go smoothly.

I'm hoping that C--- will be able to join us at some point, but that remains to be seen.

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