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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

NightWatch: the Movie

I finally rented NightWatch and sat down to watch it last night. I've also just started reading the book (actually took it with me to FL last month, but didn't get very far with it). Having not entirely finished the book yet, I've felt that it had a really good premise, just a poor execution (I know nothing about the author, Sergei Lukyanenko, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that this is his first book). I felt the same way with the movie. It more or less follows the book (at least up to where I have left off reading with only a few minor changes, the largest being how the vampire was killed at the beginning), but overall, I felt like the movie just didn't quite make it. The movie jumps around in some places so awkwardly, it felt like there were sections cut from the final release. I'll more than likely finish the book, and I'll try up the follow-up, DayWatch, and I'll probably rent the movie version of DayWatch when it is released as well, but really, I was expecting more from both movie and book based on the praise that both seemed to generate.

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