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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Joining the Latest Trend

OK, so we all know I love movies, right? And that I own quite a few DVDs. Too many. And we also know that renting movies can be exceedingly cheaper than buying every movie that comes out that I want to see. Right? But (and isn't there always a "But?"), it seems that whenever I finally make it to Blockbuster, I end up renting 1 or 2 movies, and then half the time I don't watch them in my week or 2 that I can have them for, and then I end up getting them back late because it's such a hassle to drive the 2 miles up the road to return them (never mind just stopping off there on the way home...that's too easy).

So, I decided to join the Mail-Order-DVD-Rental craze, and joined Blockbuster's Total Access service. I could have gone with Netflix, but after comparing the 2, I think I get more bang for my buck with Blockbuster. For $10/month, not only do the movies come right to my door, and I can keep them for as long as I want, and I can simply pop them right back into the mail when I'm done watching them, if, on the odd chance that I simply cannot live without renting a new movie and simply cannot wait for my next one to arrive, I can return the mailed one to my local store and get another one there for free! (Assuming that I return it to the store in the allotted time and not get yet another late fee.) It's the whole not having to go to the store bit that has me so excited. You wouldn't think that it should be such a big deal to drive over there, but I just never seem to find the time to get there after the fact.

Yay for the latest trend!

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