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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ups and downs

Had to take Sky to MSU Animal Clinic in the middle of last night. She wouldn't eat her dinner when I got home, and then starting throwing up quite a bit. She just wasn't acting like her usual doggy self, so I decided to run her in. They couldn't find anything immediately wrong with her, so at 3am I brought her home and then took her to T&C so that Karen could check her out. They can't find anything wrong with her either, so they were about to send her home with some anti nausea meds when she passed a huge amount of blood, so they are keeping her tonight to run more tests. I'll find out in the morning how she is. 

To balance this out a little, I received my Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Virtual Half Marathon medal in the mail today. And an advanced copy of Havisham by Ronald Frame. So at least there was a little something to brighten an otherwise shitty previous 24 hours. 

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