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Friday, December 30, 2011

Not starting over, but starting fresh...

Just as the title says, I'm not starting over, I'm starting fresh.

I decided last month that I needed to move into a place of my own. It was a very quick decision. Once the thought entered my head, I wasted no time in jumping on it. I sound like I'm rushing to get away from Brad, which is about the farthest from the truth that you can get. I'm rushing to get back to myself again. I've rented a house from some friends and I'm slowly moving in over the next month or so. I need to take it slow as I'm still recovering from surgery (which is going exceptionally well!) and Brad is being really supportive about the whole thing and helping me move.

It's a large house, at least for me. It has 3 bedrooms, a 2 car garage, large fenced in backyard so I can have Mame on weekends, a huge finished basement that will give me room to have all of my collections out and on display. I'll have a library and a guest bedroom for when friends are in to visit. I've been buying some new furniture and whatnot, so that I can have a home that is my own, and not all hand-me-downs from family. Nothing wrong with that, but I just want my own things. Needless to say, I'm just a little excited about it.

I'm looking forward to a fresh start with my reading as well. 2011 was about my worst reading year ever, so I'd really like to make up for that in 2012. I've got some loose plans to try to help me achieve that goal.

So, there it is. A new year and a fresh start! And I'm really looking forward to it all.

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