We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be. ~May Sarton

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The kindness of a complete stranger

Maybe someday soon, when my life slows down a little, I'll write about what has been going on recently. Some good, a lot not so good, all of it moving toward a better me. Hopefully.

But, I have to share this here. I belong to an amazing social networking website called LibraryThing. It's for book people, like me. And it is populated by some of the most intelligent, witty, caring people that I have even been privileged to know. And it has been slowing coming out there how I have been having some troubles, and one amazing person whom I just got to know this year, not even 3 months really, wrote to me today:

It is a long, difficult journey, but in the end the wonderful person called David will shine through, just like a richly woven tapestry (your LT name)....

Tapestries contain rich, varied colors, subtle nuances and a lot of energy to weave the many varied threads. When finished, they are a joy to behold. My experience in observing tapestries (my favorites are at the Closters, a branch of the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York) is that you need to stand back from them in order to take in their full beauty.... When seen from a different perspective, all the spectacular work that went into the making resonates with the soul.

Make sense?

Words are unable to express the depth of the emotions that went through me when I read that, but I do know that this person is a beautiful soul and quite possible one of those angels masquerading as people on this planet, and today I feel blessed by her kindness. And for a change, it brought me to tears, but of happiness instead of sadness, because in her words I found hope for myself, which has been missing for quite a long time now.

I only hope that someday I can repay the kindness that she has shown me.

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