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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On DVD - The Ugly Truth

Movie: The Ugly Truth
Rating: 4/5 stars

OK, so The Ugly Truth is just a plain fun movie. There's really nothing much to it, and it's obviously predictable, but it's still a nice bit of fluff to watch and not think about. Both leads, Katherine Heigl (TV producer and control freak Abby Richter) and Gerard Butler (public access cable shock host and self-proclaimed expert on what all guys want, Mike Chadway) are great in their respective roles and all the supporting cast are hysterical. Probably not something that I'd ever buy, but as a rental, it was well worth the money spent. It's definitely for adults (the R rating is justified, as most of the dialogue in the movie is sexually explicit, and there is a nice ass shot of Eric Winter, who plays Katherine Heigl's boyfriend), but fans of the formulaic romantic comedy who don't mind a little more explicit movie will enjoy this.

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