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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chicago: my continuing love affair with a city 1/8-1/10/2010

So, an almost picture-free trip this time around, but I spent last weekend in Chicago visiting Chad. There was some concern as to whether I was even going to be able to make it out of Michigan due to the snowstorm we had the night before (7 inches or more when all was said and done), but by Friday afternoon the sun was shining and the roads were clear, so I ventured off. The main reason for the trip was to try to get tickets one more time to see The Addams Family before it left it's pre-Broadway run, and well...

So, we lucked out and got the last 2 tickets that were together for the Saturday performances. We were hoping to be on the other side of the stage than we were last time, as these were limited view tickets, but alas we were on the same side as before, but it was fine as the show is spectacularly good, we didn't really care. We were just glad to have been able to see it one more time before it left Chicago.

Now, to back up just a little, Friday night Chad and I went out to Big Chicks after he got home from work and met his friends Christopher and Ryan there and had a few (too many) drinks, danced the night away and a good time was had by all!

Fast forward again to Saturday and after the show, Chad and I had dinner at Qdoba, stopped at the Apple Store and then wandered back to his place and watched The Hangover, which ended up being significantly better than I anticipated it being (I'll post thoughts on that eventually). We tried to watch Tron (Chad has never seen it) but I only made it about ten minutes in before I fell asleep, and Chad only made it about halfway through. We had had a late night/early morning afterall, so sleep was a priority!

Sunday morning, Chicago Mandy met us at Tweet for breakfast and then drove us around on a couple of errands as it was SO FREAKING COLD and she didn't want us walking around in that kind of weather. I have the most wonderful friends!

A more or less whirlwind trip this time around, but still a much needed break from the real world and a much needed Chicago and Chad fix. Next trip: February 19-21, 2010 for the MoSaI OMNImax Film Festival.

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