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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Accomplishments at long last

Finally, a day where I feel accomplished in my tasks for the day. The house hasn't been this thoroughly cleaned in a long time. I completed one initial logo package and did some more thinking on another. Laundry. Dishes. vacuuming. Dusting. Grocery shopping. I even managed to fit in a movie with C this afternoon. The only thing that I will not have gotten to today is working on the web page project. But there is time for that tomorrow.

I'm pleased with the logo package that I put together for Mame's vet. Of course, this is the first round for this logo, so any number of things can change yet, but overall, I'm very happy with the initial idea. I'll be meeting with them on Monday evening for Mame's annual checkup and can present the idea to them then. I wish I had time to get some presentation board; I may try to see if I can find something around here that I can use. Maybe I'll ravage the old portfolio and steal some board from an old project. I want this to look good and professional. I may even stop off at the office tomorrow and print the pages out there so that I can put that together tomorrow night. I need this to look professional. I'm remembering that I do have talent.

Is that too pretentious of myself to feel that I do have talent? I don't think so. I think everyone needs to feel important to themselves every once in awhile, and my designs make me feel good; that I can actually do something that I am proud of.

I continue to be pleased with the direction of the Hugo Awards design. I think this week I'll start trying to put it all together in Illustrator. Hopefully the electronic version will come together just as nicely as the sketched version is coming along.

Now, reading. I continue to read The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane for review. I have such a problem adhering to B&N's guidelines for their message board. I think this may be the last book that I request from them. I know that I won't be lacking in anything to read if I no longer participate in their First Look Program, but I'd like to try. Hopefully I'll get a good portion of this book finished tonight while I'm waiting for C to call to come pick him up.

For one short moment, I'm going to enjoy some much earned solitude. B has gone out to meet some friends, Sarah Brightman on the stereo, and some time to myself for just a moment, to reflect on a day well accomplished.

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