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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Open Letter

Dear Person Driving Too Slow in the Morning,

I know gas is expensive right now. I'm paying the same amount you are. I know everybody is trying to find ways to cut their gasoline expenses these days, me included. I try to consolidate as many errands into one trip out that I can, instead of running around willy-nilly. My morning commute cannot change, though.

So, if you feel the need to drive so slowing on the interstate in the morning because you think it is going to save you hundreds of dollars in gas, let me give you a suggestion:


If you look around yourself and notice that traffic is doing all it can to get passed you while you drive your leisurely 50 miles per hour, has it occurred to you that you may be a hazard? It may actually be in your best interest at that point, to drive through town on your way to work, because honestly, if you pull in front of me with inches to spare again while you're going 50 and I'm going 70, I can't be held responsible for bludgeoning you over the head with my tire iron, laughing maniacally, as I drive by.

Thank you for your time!

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