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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jeff Dunham

So, I forgot entirely about posting these, but I got to go see Jeff Dunham at DeVos Hall in Grand Rapids last month. He was absolutely hysterical! He will doing a Comedy Central Holiday special at the end of the year, so he did a couple of holiday bits as sort of a dress rehearsal (hence Achmed in a Santa hat). Quite a bit of the material was new, but there was some stuff held over from the Spark of Insanity DVD. Here are a couple of pics from his show.


Candy T said...

We're seeing him next next Saturday and I'm so excited! Does he have an opening act?


tapestry100 said...

Yeah - he had an opening act, but I can't remember the guys name. He had a little bit in the actual show too. Hope you have a great time!