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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Madonna = Disappointment for the first time

I've listened to it several times now. I've tried to understand where she is coming from musically. I desperately want to like Madonna's new album, Hard Candy. But I don't. There are 12 tracks on the album, and there are really only 2 songs that I ever remotely like (Give It 2 Me and Miles Away). I think the problem is the album sounds too much like what is on the radio these days. She's made a safe album, and that's what I find disappointing. She has always pushed the boundaries of her music, and yet this time around she's simply attached herself to the big names in hip hop to make an album that will sell well, but won't be hers.

I figure it's taken her 25 years to make an album that I don't like, so I guess that's a good track record, but I hope that she has gotten this hip hop influence out of her system, and that when she strikes out on her own with LiveNation, she decides to push the music boundaries again and get back to being Madonna.

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