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Saturday, January 12, 2008

A bright, shining new day! (ha!)

Things to do today:

Wake up before dawn.
Eat a healthy breakfast.
Go for a swim.
Organize closet.
Clean apartment.
Do all laundry.
Clean bathroom.
Go for a run.
Finish loading books on LT.
Play with the cat.
Catch up on correspondence.
Go to the movies with Mom.
Eat lunch.
Be a general whirlwind of efficiency.
Clean out old clothes after laundry.
Read a book.
Be amazed that it's still not dinner time with all I've done today with my super-efficiency.
Clean the cat box.
Go for another run.
Cure world hunger.
Sit down to a lovely, home-cooked dinner.
Watch a movie.
Read another book.
Go for another swim.
Go to bed at 9pm to be refreshed for a full day of exercising and reading tomorrow.

Right. Now back to reality.

OK, I had planned on being somewhat efficient today. Maybe not as efficient as I always envision myself being, but at least getting something more done today.

Let's see what I actually did accomplish:

I ate breakfast at 9:30am when I finally rolled out of bed.
Watched some cartoons (I love the new Transformers Animated cartoon. It's like they took the G1 cartoon from the 80s and made it better. **geek moment**)
Took a nap from the strenuous watching of cartoons.
Watched some more cartoons.
Took another nap.
Ate some lunch.
Wore out from lunch, took another nap.
Read this week's Entertainment Weekly.
Exhausted from holding the heavy magazine, took another nap.
Took a longer nap, since all the napping was making me tired.
Finally at about 4:15pm, remembered that I had a package at the apartment office, so showered and drove to the apartment office. (No new LT Early Reviewer book, but my membership package from the WDCC. Truthfully, I was disappointed by this. I want that damned book already!)
Sat down to relax from driving to the apartment office and look through my WDCC goodies. (Which don't seem to be as captivating as they used to be. I just renew my membership now to keep in the Society. I haven't actually been excited about something from the WDCC in a long time. Or if I am, it's way too expensive.)
Decided that I should eat some dinner.
Watched some show on Discovery about the possibility of a new Hobbit-like human ancestor.
Finally at about 6ish, I decided that I needed to organize the closet.
Decided half way through that adventure to log some books onto LT.
Threw all my dirty clothes into a pile in the living room to sort out for laundry in the morning.
Checked emailed about every hour. (For what, I don't know. Compelled to do it all the same.)
Thought it would be fun to sit and waste some more time writing about wasting my day by writing about it in my blog.

So, there's my day so far. My bed is still covered in crap from organizing my closet. My laundry is neither sorted nor done. The closet is organized, however. And I think I found some clothes packed into the back of the closet that may fit me now, so I'll be trying on clothes in a while.

Really, what the hell happened to my day?! I need to figure out some way to stream line a day on the weekends. I got a lot done, but am not finished, and want to finish tonight so I can have tomorrow to just do laundry and go to the movie with Mom and read a book and not feel guilty by any of this. I think I am in need of a vacation. Conveniently, I leave with S for Jamaica in a week!

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