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Thursday, November 1, 2007

What happened to Fall?

On my drive into work this morning, I was reflecting on the lack of a true autumn this year. We started out like any other normal fall, a little crispness in the air, a leaf changing here and there, when suddenly the entire season seemed to take a break. Temperatures steadily rose on a regular basis instead of dropping, some days reaching record highs. The leaves never really changed. True, some trees have given us tremendous displays of scarlet and orange, but others have held their green, as if they are confused by the warmer weather, only to finally simply drop the leaves in an act of desperation, knowing that winter should be right around the corner, regardless of the warm, sunny days.

It seemed that once October arrived, time slipped by at an alarming rate. I can hardly believe it is November 1 today. We never made it to an orchard. There have been no leaf piles to fling ourselves into. The only ordinary part of this autumn has been S's Pumpkin Party. If it weren't for that, I don't know that I could honestly say that autumn has arrived!

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