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Monday, November 26, 2007

Movie Review - Paris, Je T'Aime (2007) - 5 Stars

I adore this film! There is not one thing over another that makes me adore it; as a package all together, the film is simply charming. Paris Je T'Aime is comprised of several 5-7 minute sequences, each directed by a different director, and each starring various actors of French and American cinema. The direction of each sequence is superb, as is the acting. Each vignette is well-crafted, and each actor captures the life of their character perfectly. Given the length of each sequence, it would appear that there wouldn't be enough time to flesh out each character, but that is not the case in any one of the vignettes. You really feel for them, and want each one to find the love that they are searching for.

The only continuous thread throughout the film is love. The stories themselves are each separate and unique unto themselves, but each one deals with love; either love of the city itself, or the love of another that is found in the streets of Paris. I have never been to Paris, and the movie captures the allure that I have always attributed to the city. It is a unique experience to see each directors view of Paris, and how each captures a different aspect of the city, its magic and its various inhabitants. My only wish would be that it had a wider theatrical release, so that I could have enjoyed it in the theater.

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