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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Annie Lennox = AMAZING!

Just got home from dropping S off after the Annie Lennox, and all I have to say is that this was a truly amazing night. Amazing friend... amazing music... amazing diva! The woman knows how to put on a show, that's for damned sure!! She opened with No More I Love Yous, went right into Little Bird, then Walking on Broken Glass to Pavement Cracks. She did several songs from the new album (Dark Road, Smithereens, Ghost in the Machine and Sing) and some earlier Eurythmics songs. Partway through the show, she stepped away from the band and they brought a piano out for her, and she played Here Comes the Rain Again, A Thousand Beautiful Things before leading us into a fantastic performance of Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves, where she had the audience sing with her. The big highlight of the show was when she performed Sweet Dreams. She ended the show with a mini-documentary that preceded Sing and then the final song of the evening was Why. Honestly, it almost made me cry.

It's hard to describe other than being a truly real performance. She had the big, flashy lights, the backup band and singers, and a huge video screen than ran some of her videos from earlier in her career, but she was real. She didn't have a lot of make-up, and wore just a black tunic top and black jeans. It was an honest, emotional performance and you could clearly see she enjoyed what she was doing, and that she was giving to the audience just as much as she was receiving.

Then, to top off an absolutely spectacular evening, after we waited outside, in the rain, for about a half hour, WE GOT TO MEET ANNIE LENNOX!! She met us outside the back door of the theater (there were maybe 2 dozen people or so), and did a small Meet and Greet and signed autographs (she signed both S's and my tickets). When it was my turn to go up, she mentioned that she couldn't believe so many people were waiting to meet her, and I told her she was completely worth it! What a marvelous, generous woman. After putting on a show like that, to still make time to meet with her fans. Wow.

Great, great night!

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