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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just got back from visiting the Aunts

Just got back home from a loverly weekend visit to OH to spend time with Aunt S and Aunt J. Aunt J is up visiting Aunt S right now for a couple of weeks, so I decided that since I had two of them together at the same time and so close, I needed to take advantage of that! I arrived a little later on Friday due to an accident on the highway, but they had dinner practically ready to go when I got there (ham, cauliflower, mashed potatoes, Sweetheart salad, fresh veg and peach pie for dessert; you'll never go hungry with the Aunts, that's for sure!), and then there was an immediate game of Phase 10 to be played.

Saturday, we took our time getting around in the morning, and the Aunt S made some popovers and we had some leftover ham and scrambled eggs for breakfast. We all got ready for the day and stopped into Kohl's and then we went to Jungle Jim's, which was a shopping experience unto itself. We stopped off to Mitchell's Fish Market for dinner. That night, the kids wanted to play a game of Phase 10, so we all sat down (B joined in) and we had a roaring game that lasted until well after midnight.

This morning, we lazed about the house for awhile, and then Aunt S and I drove Aunt J to church, and we read our books while we waited out in the parking lot for her. They took me to lunch at Cracker Barrel, and I got on my way back home.

It seemed like the trip down and back was far easier this time around than the last time when M and I went to visit. It's about a 4-4 1/2 hour trip, and really it turns out to be not so bad. I think I'm going to head back down there in the spring for another visit.

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