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Friday, July 13, 2007


What an amazing experience.

I cannot believe how much Wicked moves me! I saw it for the second time with Mom tonight, and I was simply blown away again. If anything, I think I received more energy from this show than when S and I went to see it in Chicago a couple months back.

Defying Gravity left me speechless. I was so drawn into the performance, I actually cried and couldn't breathe at the end of the song. And of course, For Good reduced me to tears again, but that song always does, whether I listen to the CD or see it live.

There was just such an amazing amount of energy pouring out from the cast tonight. It was practically tangible. It's going on 1am, and I'm having trouble getting my thoughts together now, but I could see this show every weekend. I really think that it has bumped the Lion King as being my favorite Broadway show.

I can't wait for next weekend to get here when S, me, B and his family go to see it again.


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