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Thursday, July 26, 2007


This is Sophie. She didn't get along too well with the dogs over at Mom's house, so she's on a trial run here at the apartment, to see how she gets along with Pride. So far, she could care less about Pride. Pride on the other hand only wants to spit and hiss and run to the other room. Time will tell how things work out!


beserene said...

Sophie is adorable. I'll cross my fingers that Miss Pride will adjust--maybe try putting out some catnip or treats for both of them. Positive reinforcement?

beserene said...
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tapestry100 said...

Thanks - we'll see how things work out. Pride was in hiding this morning (I think she took refuge under my bed), so I'm anxious to see how Sophie did on her first day at the apartment by herself, and whether Pride has decided to come out of hiding.