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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Disney's Latest WTF?

Disney has been advertising on their website their latest DVD series, the Walt Disney Legacy Series. To my understanding, this series was similar to the Walt Disney Treasures series of DVDs, but would cover rarer findings from the Disney Archives than the Treasures series would, which included never-before-scene footage that complimented the contents of the discs. Really, they both sound like they cover the same material; be it rare, never-before-scene, hard to find, "lost in the Archives", call it what you want, both series more or less blurred the line on what was "exclusive" to their line.

Having said that, so far the only 4 releases in the Legacy series have been the True-Life Adventures, with 3 more releases announced as "Coming Soon". Those other 3 releases were: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, DisneyLand: Secrets, Stories And Magic Of The Happiest Place On Earth, and the release I was most anticipating, Destino, the decades old collaboration between Walt Disney and Salvador Dali. Several years ago, Roy Disney spear-headed the project to finish the never-completed short. It was met with positive reviews, and was even nominated for Best Animated Short at the 2003 Academy Awards. However, it seemed that the short would never see release on DVD, as about that time, Michael Eisner and Roy Disney had their falling out, and I'm sure Eisner was going to make sure that anything that had to do with Roy Disney would be buried.

I wish I could run my company like a five-year-old.

Anyway, I've been checking the Legacy website every week or 2, hoping that there would be some kind of release date announced for Destino. Imagine my dismay when I find that the 3 remaining releases for the Legacy series have been removed from the website! A quick check over to www.animated-views.com confirms it: the 3 remaining Legacy releases have been shuffled around, with the Oswald and DisneyLand releases being moved to the Treasures series, and the Destino release being moved to the... Oh wait, it's been put on indefinite hold. No one seems to know where Destino has been shuffled off to, and it's future remains, once again, unclear.

I love Disney, I always have and I always will, but sometimes the mysterious workings of that company baffles me to no end.

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