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Monday, March 26, 2007

Where Did My Weekend Go?

Don't get me wrong, I had a grand time this weekend, but what happened? I had every intention of finally getting unpacked from vacation, doing my mountain of obligatory post-vacation laundry, getting the vacation all written down here, vacuuming, dusting, getting bills paid... uh, I think I got 2 bills paid, and I picked up the apartment. No laundry, no vacuuming, no dusting, no blog...

Instead, I spent a loverly evening Friday night with S----, B--- & R--- at Wharton Center. The Canadian Brass was in town, and the tickets were so cheap, we couldn't pass up going to see them. Saturday, I slept until 11am, argued with Comcast over my bill for around 2 hours (including a trip up and down Grand River Ave looking for a payment center that actually does NOT exist - the location they kept telling me to go to is a framing and photography studio). After that, I slept again until about 8pm, ran to Pier 1 to make sure I hadn't forgotten to pay my bill, and then back home and in bed by 10pm. Sunday, I cleaned the apartment, did the dishes, put my book of cruise pictures together, and then S---- and I ran to Novi to stop at the H&M so that I could see Madonna's new clothing line and pick up a pair of sunglasses. We had dinner at Max&Erma's, picked up some chocolate at Godiva, some shampoo at Aveda, and then dashed over to TRU and the Great Indoors, and then zipped back to Lansing so that we would be home in time to watch Planet Earth on Discovery Channel. If you didn't catch this last night, watch it next week at 8pm. Absolutely amazing. They spent 5 years filming this series, and they captured on film some of the most remarkable footage of our planet and the life that inhabits it that you will ever see. Images that you could never see in your lifetime.

So that was the weekend. It was fun, but it certainly ran right past me without even saying "Hello! Goodbye!" Tonight, S---- is coming over and we are going to start playing tennis again. We are going to try to keep on a Monday/Wednesday schedule, and try to get in as many days as possible before it starts to get too ungodly hot. I don't even think the tennis nets are set out yet, but that won't stop us from making fools of ourselves.

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